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QuickCar bullet shaped 2 gauge dash pod to fit 2 5/8” mechanical gauges. These pods are modeled after our bullet spot mirror and hose clamp to the dash bar of your race car. These are available in 1.5” and 1.75” roll bar sizes, as well as a 0”, 1/2” or 3/4” riser to raise the pod in case of existing switch panels or chassis mounts for clearance on the bottom of the pod (this measurement is from the bottom of the pod to the bottom of roll bar mounting channel) The pod comes equipped with a removable face for the gauges to be inserted and clocked appropriately, as well as stainless steel fastening hardware for the pod face.

NOTE: If using this pod for water temp and oil pressure, the oil pressure gauge must be mounted on the right side of the pod due to the clearance built into the pod for the additional hardware on the back of the gauge for the pressurized hose to mount.

QuickCar 2 Gauge Dash Pod

SKU: INOV00061
Color: Black
  • •Lightweight

    •Smooth Finish

    • For QuickCar 2 5/8” mechanical gauges

    •Roll Bar Mounted

    •Removable face for gauge placement

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