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Here are our brand new carbon fiber spoiler braces. Our super lightweight 1/8 inch carbon fiber structure provides a ridgid support and added side force to the tail of your race car. The rotating spoiler brace ends allows for a 30 degree rotation on either end of the brace, meaning these braces can be used on a 90 degree spoiler, as well as the 50-60 degree laid back spoilers easily. *NOTICE* Variance between lexan and aluminum spoiler blade thickness may result in customers having to trim supplied hardware to proper length.

Note: The spoiler height, car application, and degree questions help our team best identify the braces you will need for your car to ensure proper length is shipped.

Carbon Fiber Spoiler Brace

SKU: INOV00042
  • •Space Grade 1/8 inch Carbon Fiber

    •Integrated 1/4-20 Brass Inserts

    •Rotating Feet, 30 Degrees per end

    •10.5” center-to-center for Pro/Super Latemodel (Same as AR and 5Star)

    •9.5” center to center can be used for LMSC, Open Wheel, or Super Truck depending on spoiler blade height.

    •8.25” center to center for 5” LMSC running 50-60 Degrees

    •10.5” and 9.5” inch center to center can be ran on modified depending on mounting fore or aft of spoiler.


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